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Here at EMEDIALY, we are proud of the art of crochet. Crocheting is an art form done with crochet hooks and yarn of various colors and weight. Crochet comes from the French word “crochet” meaning hook, which was used to make French lace. We are not sure where crochet originated, but some researchers suggest that it may have been from China, others say that it has its origins from Arabia and some, from South America. Regardless of its true origins, crocheting is a trend that has been around since the Victorian era. We saw it really boom during the ‘60s and ‘70s with the bright colored floral dresses, the chunky granny square tops with flowing fringes and the crochet bikinis that are still trendy today. It has made a comeback especially during 2022, where we are seeing the revival of the classic favorites like the crochet halter, as well as crochet tops and beach cover ups. The granny square style cardigans and sweaters that are great for layering will fit right into our autumn/winter wardrobes for a modern look.

Ever since it began, mankind has come to love crocheting and while we’re embracing this retro trend today, it has taken off to new heights as one is limited to our imagination when it comes to creativity and design with some beautiful classic styles and eye-catching patterns. For years, our ancestors created bright, vibrant designs from yarn and a crochet hook. Perhaps you have an old blanket that was crocheted by someone that you love.

Did you know that crocheting is also good for your brain health? That’s right, studies have shown that “using it or losing it” applies to our brains as well. If the brain is not stimulated the brain may undergo atrophy. Meaning if you don’t entertain the brain it will literally shrink. Because crocheting is a complex process that requires a person to be able to tackle challenging tasks that require the use of multiple brain parts, eye-hand movement, close attention, and pattern recognition, you are guaranteed to exercise all parts of your brain, therefore making your brain smarter!

Crocheting is a form of self-love as well. Having a stressful week? Don’t feel like going out? Stormy weather? Why not unwind while you binge-watch your favorite show and create your own unique piece of art? It could be your new favorite go-to crochet top or hat. Perhaps it’s freezing and you’re daydreaming about next summer and how you can’t wait to get in that water and show off your new cute bikini and crochet bucket hat made by you. The possibilities are endless.

Crocheting has actually saved many from depression, anxiety, and loneliness. In so many cases from people struggling with mental health to inmates and even entire cultures. During the great Irish famine in the 1800s families turned to the crochet trade instead of purely farming to make ends meet.

Without challenging our brains to utilize different areas to communicate and properly execute actions, it can create chemical atrophy that can cause the brain to function as if it was partly fragmented. Mental illnesses such as dissociative disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, and others can be helped by crocheting. Mental activities force the brain to build pathway connections among the multiple regions of the brain.

This art has a number of benefits that make it an ideal activity for people looking to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve their focus and concentration. In addition to being a fun and rewarding hobby, making crochet gifts may also help to boost your mood, ease tension headaches, and even promote better sleep.

While there has been little research on crafting and the effect it has on humans and their true emotional health, neuroscientists have begun to see how activities such as crocheting can improve brain function and power, and produce dopamine, a natural antidepressant, giving us that “feel good” mood which has been shown to improve brain elasticity. The creative ability improvement that also comes with crocheting may have some overall health advantages and open new doors for many people. I know it did and continues to do for me.

Most of you probably imagine your Grandma sitting in her recliner working away at her latest crochet piece. Well move on over granny! That’s right, the fine, loving art of crochet is for everyone old, young, big, or small who is willing to learn it and can be an enjoyable and a fun family night activity. Great time to turn off the television and devices and have wholesome family time, which has become lost these days.

Crocheting things for personal use or for someone you love, is extremely rewarding and a learned art that will open your imagination and allow your creativity to flow and come up with so many things to crochet, the possibilities will be endless and the best thing is that you will create beautiful items that you and the people you make it for will surely enjoy. It is amazing to see how some yarn is transformed into amazing pieces of art that will be appreciated for years to come, and some of which may become treasured family heirlooms like a crochet shawl or a baby blanket.

On our website, you will find we have a great selection of products made with great attention to detail using high-quality materials. We have something for everyone. Come visit us often as we continuously update our inventory with some great wearable crochet items like shawls and beanies, newly created patterns and very soon, the introduction of video tutorials to follow along whenever you or someone you know would like to learn this relaxing art and create from easy and useful garments or home decor, to more advanced clothing like cardigans and tunics.

This site will help you find that special gift for yourself or a loved one, whether it is a unique or one-of-a-kind item made with love by me, learning to crochet or looking for a pattern to learn how to crochet a hat, you have come to the right place. We offer some free and some paid patterns and tutorials. Most of the items made with the patterns and tutorials will also be available for purchase. When you make your items using my patterns and tutorials, please share with us here by contacting us. I will pick an item each month and will feature it in the patterns/tutorials page as a thank you for your support!

For the avid crocheters who are tired of not being able to recreate a design because you have forgotten where you put that piece of paper where you wrote some of the steps you used to create your design, I have the solution that will help you stay organized and have all the details of your designs in one place. I have created a variety of crochet journals because I, as a crocheter, saw the need to keep all of my projects’ information in one place so that I may replicate whatever design I want without worrying about remembering what yarn I used or what hook or stitches were used on a specific project. I worked hard to make it as complete as possible to suit all of a crocheter’s needs. I sure hope you are satisfied with it and enjoy them as much as I do. The journals come in paperback, hardcover and some of them also come in spiral bound form.

Here at Emedialy, we have unique, easy to follow patterns and tutorials available to you – some of them free of charge so be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new pattern releases and flash sales. We promise not to spam your inbox.

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