Printable Crochet Journal

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This printable crochet journal was designed by me, an avid crocheter, to stay organized with my crochet projects. This downloadable crochet journal has one of the most complete layouts to keep track of all projects' details:

  • Write the yarn dye lot, colors, weight, hook size
  • All numbered pages - find a specific project easily and quickly
  • Attach a piece of yarn and its label for future reference
  • Keep detailed notes of project
  • Time recording for pricing purposes
  • Sketch/graph pages
  • Font large enough for ease of reading
  • And much more

All the useful details to re-create a project and a great companion to help you keep an accurate inventory when shopping for supplies.

Filled with all the necessary charts and record keeping tools to suit all your crocheting needs.

This printable bundle includes:

  • Index pages
  • Yearly goals
  • Yarn inventory pages to keep an accurate inventory of all your skeins
  • Crochet hook inventory chart with additional hook/needle inventory space
  • Crochet hook conversion chart
  • Standard yarn weight system page
  • Crochet abbreviations/Glossary
  • Circular project progress/tasks charts
  • Project details pages for over 28 projects with space to tape yarn label, yarn sample & sketch or photos
  • Grid/graph paper pages

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1 (one) PDF download file to be printed on 8.5x11 inch papers

15.6 MB
21 pages
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Printable Crochet Journal

0 ratings
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